pharma pricing

Pharma pricing

Benefit assessment analysis

We analyzed the outcomes of previous Post AMNOG Price Negotiations to enable our pharma clients to improve their Market Access and Reimbursement planning.

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Due to their extensive experience in operative management and their brief adjustment periods, our seasoned Market Access experts are extremely well suited for Interim Management assignments.

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    "Knowing about the outcomes of previous AMNOG evaluations and price negotiations is an invaluable basis for your strategic Market Access and Reimbursement planning"

    Dr. Roman Rittweger

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    AMNOG Pricing Analysis
    - Therapeutic Areas 

    With the AMNOG PRICING ANALYSIS we have developed a tool to give an overview of rebates negotiated after benefit assessment since 2011.

    Based on data of the German Lauertaxe database, we calculated the average rebates for each therapeutic area.

    Please be aware that this section is based on subpopulations and includes non-orphan drugs as well as orphan drugs.

    You can request a download of the entire analysis free of charge.

    Rebates Orphan Drugs vs. Non-Orphan Drugs 

    The rebate assessment of the orphan drugs and non-orphan drugs is shown in this graph.

    It gives an overview of the average rebates negotiated.

    The analysis is based on subpopulations.

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    "We have developed the PHARMA PRICING ANALYSIS in order to enable you to access a summary of the available information at a single mouseclick"

    Anne Kuhbier

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    Roman Rittweger Advisors in Healthcare

    Correlation between Benefit Assessment and Rebates

    - Non-Orphan Drugs

    Based on our data from the benefit and rebate analysis, the following graphs present the correlation between benefit assessments and rebates.

    Divided into non-orphan drugs and orphan drugs, each graph is based on subpopulations.

    This graph shows some correlation between benefit assessments and rebates.

    Orphan Drugs

    The comparison in this graph is inconclusive with regard to the amount of rebates negotiated for orphan drugs that went through the AMNOG benefit assessment. 

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    Be also aware of advisors in healthcares

    We developed a tool where you can see the outcomes of the benefit assessment at a glance:

    Analysis and comparison of the additional benefit that was recommended by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) and then assessed by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) with the expectations of the manufacturers.

    AMNOG Benefit Assessment

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